Friday, 3 May 2013

Taser Cartridges

TASER X26 - 25 Foot XP(Extra Penetration) Air Cartridge-Field Use

X26 TASER 25Foot  Air Cartridge XP (Extra Penetration) Green Blast Door, Field Use
The TASER cartridge is one of the features that separate TASER products from the competition. With ranges from 15 to 35 feet (4.5 to 10.6 meters), and accuracy that can't be matched, they are the choice for law enforcement everywhere.
Unique variations for warm and cold climates, training scenarios, and tactical situations are available. The XP cartridge, ideal for colder climates, has a longer probe to penetrate thicker clothing. The 35' XP cartridge has been used with success in tactical situations where the extra distance is needed. Additionally, the TASER 21' Training cartridge uses non-conductive wires that prohibit stimulation role players from feeling the effects of TASER electronic control devices (ECDs) (to be used in conjunction with the TASER Sim Suit).
This TASER cartridge is compatible with the M26 and X26 ECDs and includes a patented Anti-Felon Identifcation System (AFID), so that each cartridge use can be traced.
TASER cartridges utilize compressed nitrogen to propel two darts to the target. This proprietry design leads to increased accuracy and consistency in field use.

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